2019 Reel

Camera, editing, motion graphics

2016 Reel

camera, editing, motion graphics, music


We Always Feel It

Writer, Director, camera, editing, and VO is my son who is awesome.

The Path to Hope Promo

co-Writer, director, camera, editing

The Path to Hope

6 Episodes released weekly in December of 2017, crafted to raise awareness of the life-changing power of education sponsorship in Northern Ethiopia.

Co-written with AGCI’s writer. Production & Post-production done solo.

Sarah and the 8 Million

AGCI needed to communicate the cycle of an orphan to those new to the concept.

co-Writer, director, camera, editing

A Life Restored

AGCI wanted to share the story of the life-change provided by education sponsorship.

Writer, director, camera, editing

Adoption is ________

Five episode series to show that adoption is more than just sunshine and rainbows, but there is beauty in the challenges.

Co-writer, Director, Camera, Editing